Happy Memorial Day

Happy Memorial Day

Monday, December 31, 2012

The confetti raining on the Thanksgiving parade were police documents, where did that story go?

How Did the Situation of the Macy's Day Parade, that had confetti raining on the Thanksgiving parade were police documents, where did that story go?
Cheryl from Cher MyOpinion
December 31, 2012

Why on Earth have we NOT gotten answers to the fact that shredded police files rained down in the Macy's day parade? Doesn't anyone want to know how it was possible to have all of these documents shredded and then used for our THANKSGIVING DAY PARADE. I mean every news outlet across the globe had it in their newspaper, I wrote about it on here a little over a month ago. 

These files included confidential reports, social security numbers, you name it.

Article out of Chicago Tribune

"I'm just completely in shock. How could someone have this kind of information, and how could it be distributed at the Thanksgiving Day Parade?" Inspector Kenneth Lack, from the Nassau County Police Department, told reporters.
The parade features inflated balloons of cartoon characters, marching bands and floats traveling down Manhattan's West Side to Herald Square, the traditional home of the department store, Macy's. The festivities include a liberal outpouring from windows and rooftops. Macy's says it uses "commercially manufactured, multicolored confetti, not shredded paper."
But last week, revelers noticed something different.
Ethan Finkelstein, a university student, was watching the parade when he said he and a friend noticed a strip of confetti on her coat.
"It landed on her shoulder, and it says 'SSN' and it's written like a Social Security number, and we're like, 'That's really bizarre,'" Finkelstein told a New York City television news station.

THE TIMES http://www.thetimes.co.uk/tto/news/world/americas/article3612530.ece

The York Post

The Huffington Post

The Chicago Tribune


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