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World War Weather, Weather Warfare in America

 by Cheryl from CherMyOpinion www.myoinionsowned.blogspot.com

Apocalyptic flooding has devastated many cities in the United States in 2013. As people flee now in Denver we see just how powerful mother nature can be. Does she have help with this never before seen weather breaking out all over the globe? Some say yes. It's proven that weather warfare exists. We even have treaties for preventing it being used as an act of war. I have included that treaty for you at the bottom. If you are not familiar have a look for yourself below. I have provided many resources you can have a look at.
> Wiki Pedia  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Convention_on_the_Prohibition_of_Military_or_Any_Other_Hostile_Use_of_Environmental_Modification_Techniques
The Environmental Modification Convention (ENMOD), formally the Convention on the Prohibition of Military or Any Other Hostile Use of Environmental Modification Techniques is an international treaty prohibiting the military or other hostile use of environmental modification techniques having widespread, long-lasting or severe effects. It opened for signature on 18 May 1977 in Geneva and entered into force on 5 October 1978.
The Convention bans weather warfare, which is the use of weather modification techniques for the purposes of inducing damage or destruction. The Convention on Biological Diversity of 2010 would also ban some forms of weather modification or geoengineering.

So why all this chaos and calamity like we seen in Hurricane Katrina and now many other times in the recent past? The storm surge of Katrina devastated not only Louisiana but also the coasts of Mississippi and Alabama, making Katrina the most destructive and costliest natural disaster in the history of the United States, and the deadliest hurricane since the 1928 Okeechobee Hurricane. The costliest hurricane ever recorded in the Atlantic was Hurricane Katrina, which struck the coastline of Louisiana in August 2005, causing $108 billion (2005 USD) in property damage.

The confirmed death toll (total of direct and indirect deaths) is 1,836, mainly from Louisiana (1,577) and Mississippi (238). However, 135 people remain categorized as missing in Louisiana.  This storm was literally another 911 but without planes.

Radar loop of Hurricane Katrina making landfall in Louisiana


 The most recent, costliest hurricane was Hurricane Sandy, which struck the coastlines of Puerto Rico, North Carolina, New Jersey, New York, and New England causing $68 billion in total cost (2012 USD) in late October 2012. Hurricane Sandy was the deadliest and most destructive hurricane of the 2012 Atlantic hurricane season, as well as the second-costliest hurricane in United States history.

A total of 24 U.S. states were in some way affected by Sandy. The hurricane caused 68 billion dollars in damage in the United States, destroyed thousands of homes, left millions without electric service, and caused 72 direct deaths in eight states, including 48 in New York, 12 in New Jersey, 5 in Connecticut, 2 each in Pennsylvania and Virginia, and 1 each in New Hampshire, West Virginia and Maryland. There were also 2 direct deaths from Sandy in U.S. coastal waters in the Atlantic Ocean, about 90 miles (150 km) off the North Carolina coast, which are not counted in the U.S. total.

So with all this advanced technology are we seeing all this death and destruction around the globe? After all we have abilities to stop such things. That is a truth very well documented. Common sense is best used to answer this question! All this talk about global warming and such, yes indeed we see the climate is going haywire, we can all agree on that. Yet there is never any talk about the billions of environmental consequences from things such  as fracking, spilling billions of gallons of oil into the sea, or the fallout in Japan (caused by earthquake followed by tsunami, I will cover all that in just a few minutes when I explain HAARP) that has contaminated what will soon be the whole globe. The source of the problems we see may be a much darker truth then most want to admit or accept. You do your research and make that call. I'm just providing you with the resources to do just that.

What is weather modification and does it really exist? Yes and it's been on the radar for many decades.

Wiki Pedia - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Weather_modification
 Weather modification is the act of intentionally manipulating or altering the weather. The most common form of weather modification is cloud seeding to increase rain or snow. Weather modification can also have the goal of preventing damaging weather, such as hail or hurricanes, from occurring; or of provoking damaging weather against an enemy or rival, as a tactic of military or economic warfare. Weather modification in warfare has been banned by the United Nations.
 Weather modification, particularly hostile weather warfare, was addressed by the "United Nations General Assembly Resolution 31/72, TIAS 9614 Convention  on the Prohibition of Military or Any Other Hostile Use of Environmental Modification Techniques." The Convention was signed in Geneva on May 18, 1977; entered into force on October 5, 1978; ratified by U.S. President Jimmy Carter on December 13, 1979; and the U.S. ratification deposited at New York January 17, 1980.
In the US, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration keeps records of weather modification projects on behalf of the Secretary of Commerce, under authority of Public Law 92-205, 15 USC § 330B, enacted in 1971.
 2005 U.S. Senate Bill 517 and U.S. House Bill 2995 U.S. Senate Bill 517 and U.S. House Bill 2995 were two bills proposed in 2005 that would have expanded experimental weather modification, to establish a Weather Modification Operations and Research Board, and implemented a national weather modification policy.
2007 U.S. Senate Bill 1807 & U.S. House Bill 3445 Senate Bill 1807 and House Bill 3445, identical bills introduced July 17, 2007, proposed to establish a Weather Mitigation Advisory and Research Board to fund weather modification

 Have you ever herd of HAARP? What is HAARP?

The High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program (HAARP) was an ionospheric research program jointly funded by the U.S. Air Force, the U.S. Navy, the University of Alaska, and the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) its purpose is to analyze the ionosphere and investigate the potential for developing ionospheric enhancement technology. It is located Gakona, Alaska.

 The most prominent instrument at the HAARP Station is the Ionospheric Research Instrument (IRI), a high-power radio frequency transmitter facility operating in the high frequency (HF) band. The IRI is used to temporarily excite a limited area of the Ionosphere. As of 2008, HAARP had incurred around $250 million in tax-funded construction and operating costs.

 HAARP has been blamed by some(INCLUDING high level scientist and high ranking military)hidden motives and capabilities to the project, and have blamed it for triggering catastrophes such as floods, droughts, hurricanes, thunderstorms, earthquakes in Iran, Pakistan, Haiti and the Philippines, major power outages, the downing of TWA Flight 800, Gulf War syndrome, and chronic fatigue syndrome.[18][4][19]
Allegations include the following:
  • A Russian military journal wrote that ionospheric testing would "trigger a cascade of electrons that could flip earth's magnetic poles".
  • The European Parliament and the Alaska state legislature held hearings about HAARP, the former citing "environmental concerns".
  • Nick Begich Jr., the son of former U.S. Representative Nick Begich and author of Angels Don't Play This HAARP, has claimed that HAARP could trigger earthquakes and turn the upper atmosphere into a giant lens so that "the sky would literally appear to burn", and maintains a website that claims HAARP is a mind control device.
  • Former Governor of Minnesota and noted conspiracy theorist Jesse Ventura questioned whether the government is using the site to manipulate the weather or to bombard people with mind-controlling radio waves. An Air Force spokeswoman said Ventura made an official request to visit the research station but was rejected-"he and his crew showed up at HAARP anyway and were denied access". 
  • Physicist Bernard Eastlund claimed that HAARP includes technology based on his own patents that has the capability to modify weather and neutralize satellites.
Bernard J. Eastlund (1938 – December 12, 2007) was a physicist who received his B.S. in physics from MIT and a his Ph.D. in physics from Columbia University. In 1970 he received a Special Achievement Certificate from the U. S. Atomic Energy Commission for co-invention of the "fusion torch."

Eastlund authored three patents (US Patents #4,686,605, #4,712,155, and #5,038,664) that, it is claimed, led to the development of the High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program (HAARP).He was the founder of Eastlund Scientific Enterprises Corporation (ESEC), a small company in Houston, Texas that provided scientific, engineering and technical services.

His hobby was astrophysics. His later work included co-authoring two papers in the Astrophysical Journal regarding pulsars, and he also presented a paper on Gamma Bursters.Bernard Eastlund died December 12, 2007. In his final days he continued to explore research in advanced physics topics andapplications, even holding meetings at his hospital bedside. source  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bernard_Eastlund

U.S. Naval Research Laboratory (NRL) research physicists and engineers from the Plasma Physics Division, working at the High-frequency Active Auroral Research Program (HAARP) transmitter facility, Gakona, Alaska, successfully produced a sustained high density plasma cloud in Earth's upper atmosphere. - See more at: http://www.nrl.navy.mil/media/news-releases/2013/nrl-scientists-produce-densest-artificial-ionospheric-plasma-clouds-using-haarp#sthash.JwQDC0uE.dpuf
So could all of this have been avoided, or possibly fueled for a much larger agenda? The choice is yours on what you believe. Lets have a look at the devistation just here in the Untied States in recent news. This weather is busting open hell all over the globe with natural disaster as the blame. Disaster yes, natural I think not. Below are just a few pictures from around the world including what is unfolding as we speak in Colorado. Also some more links and references to check out as well as a copy of the UN Treaty for you to read or download. Please have a look and do some homework, NEVER STOP QUESTIONING.

NRL Scientists Produce Densest Artificial Ionospheric Plasma Clouds Using HAARP - See more at: http://www.nrl.navy.mil/media/news-releases/2013/nrl-scientists-produce-densest-artificial-ionospheric-plasma-clouds-using-haarp#sthash.JwQDC0uE.dpuf

NRL Scientists Produce Densest Artificial Ionospheric Plasma Clouds Using HAARP - See more at: http://www.nrl.navy.mil/media/news-releases/2013/nrl-scientists-produce-densest-artificial-ionospheric-plasma-clouds-using-haarp#sthash.JwQDC0uE.dpuf

NRL Scientist Produce Demsest Artificial Ionospheric Plasma Clouds (click link)
NRL Scientists Produce Densest Artificial Ionospheric Plasma Clouds Using HAARP - See more at: http://www.nrl.navy.mil/media/news-releases/2013/nrl-scientists-produce-densest-artificial-ionospheric-plasma-clouds-using-haarp#sthash.JwQDC0uE.dpuf

NRL Scientists Produce Densest Artificial Ionospheric Plasma Clouds Using HAARP - See more at: http://www.nrl.navy.mil/media/news-releases/2013/nrl-scientists-produce-densest-artificial-ionospheric-plasma-clouds-using-haarp#sthash.JwQDC0uE.dpuf
 EU clashes with US over atmosphere tests-The foreign affairs committee of the European Parliament has criticised plans by the US military to beam high-frequency signals into the atmosphere. The committee is worried about the effect of the high- frequency active auroral research programme (HAARP) on the environment.http://physicsworld.com/cws/article/news/1998/feb/27/eu-clashes-with-us-over-atmosphere-tests


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